Memphis Emmaus Community

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EMMAUS is a method of Christian renewal in the church. Individuals recommended for Emmaus should be currently active in a local church and have a desire to deepen their faith and become closer to Christ in their discipleship. As a sponsor, you are required to provide information to the applicant to assist him/her in the decision to attend a weekend, to help him/her enter fully into the Emmaus fellowship after the weekend, to provide prayer and other support, and to provide transportation to Send Off and from Closing. Please be sure to encourage BOTH husband and wife to attend Emmaus. As a sponsor, your electronic signature is a covenant to a vital responsibility as a member of the Emmaus Community
Sponsor's Application

*Primary Sponsor's First Name
 *Last Name
State Zip Best Phone Alternate Phone
Church Member Email Walk # you attended
Secondary Sponsors Pilgrim's Name Pilgrim's Walk Number How many candidates have you sponsored in the last 12 months?
Is this the first time you have sponsored in the Memphis Emmaus Community? Does the Pilgrim have the mental & physical health to be an active participant in the Walk? Yes/No If no, specify below: How long have you known your Pilgrim? Describe your relationship with your Pilgrim:
Have you prayed about inviting this person to participate in the Walk to Emmaus?   Why do you feel this person would be a good candidate to attend the Walk to Emmaus: Are you in a Reunion/Accountability Group? Do you receive the newsletter?
Duties of a Sponsor: (Please indicate that you have read and understanood your responsibilities as a sponsor by answering the questions and statements below
You have read and understand the sponsor guidelines at (note: these may update periodically). Have you committed to properly prepare your pilgrim for the walk? Have you commited to attend Sponsor’s Hour?  Have you committed to care for the needs of your Pilgrim’s family over the weekend?
Are you committed to take care of the Pilgrim’s needs while the Pilgrim is on the walk?   Have you committed to bring Pilgrim to Send Off?
Have you committed to attend Candlelight? Have you committed to help the Pilgrim find a reunion group?
 Are you willing to abide by the letters guidelines?     Have you committed to attend Closing? Have you committed to attend Follow Up with your Pilgrim?
Are you aware of the community guidelines for the number ofletters per Pilgrim:
• Limit number of letters to 10-12
• Indicate priority on outside of envelope if at all possible (i.e. ‘spouse’, ‘child’, ‘sponsor’, etc)
• Bring bulk of letters to Send Off. Please do not wait to bring letters to Candlelight if at all possible.
Memphis Emmaus Registration
P.O. Box 240414   
Memphis, TN 38124    

After prayerful consideration, knowing my Pilgrim is an active church member, having explained what to expect during the weekend, knowing my Pilgrim willould exhibit high idealism, a spirit of charity and cooperation, I submit that this is a good candidate for the Walk to Emmaus.